WiFi Android Debugging

I have a Galaxy S9. It works but the USB-C connector is a bit loose. I have had it replaced once and do most of my charging via a mat. However I still need the connector for deploying and debugging apps.

Well, it turns out you can deploy and debug via wifi. It is dead slow but it works. I got most of the details form here and here. Once you have your batch file correct, you run it and your phone magically appears as a launch option in Visual Studio.

First get the IP address of your phone from

Setting->Connections->Wifi->Current Network->Settings

and your device name from the Stack Overflow link. In my case I had emulators running as well as my phone so it is easier just to hardcode the command to work on your phone. Put the following into a batch file and change 227bef7922047ece to your device name and to your phones IP address.

@echo off
echo starting
echo Android bits
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
adb -s 227bef7922047ece tcpip 5555
adb -s 227bef7922047ece connect
echo Finished

Then connect your phone via USB, run the batch file, unplug the USB and check Visual Studio. As I said earlier, it is dead slow but you can do most of your debugging in the emoulator and just deploy the odd build this way.

More detail here.


Hello world!

Another year, another web site. As I am, doing different stuff these days, I though it might be a good excuse to do a proper site. So, a bog standard wordpress site written using the 2020 theme and the Blocks editor. Not going to do that again in a hurry.

The layout looks ok, it is responsive and I didn’t have to touch any PHP or .ini files. I almost used a theme I had brought called Ark but the install didn’t seem to work and I couldn’t be bothered to debug it.

Blocks is just about usable. The fact you can’t actually see where the blocks are makes editing a bit tricky. A simple outline in the editor would have made it easier to see what was what.

I am also taking this opportunity to sort my photos out. I am uploading the pics of my art to the site and putting them in a gallery. The best of my general photos are being uploaded to 500px where, you never know, someone may pay to use them.