Build Discrepancies

I have just released version 1.0.2 of OpenSeaGallery. If you looked you will see the Android version was out about a week before the iOS one. I has them both set up in The AppCentre and when I tried pushing the new versions, iOS gave me some fairly serious errors.

Now you have to upload the first version into the Apple app store via the visual studio uploader. It only really handles updates and not initial releases. I had updated a few nugets and stuff like that but the app store sent me an automated email stating I was using some private APIs and UIWebView was depreciated. None of my changes were that drastic and the first version had gone through fine. I swapped out the Chromecast library for a better one and updated all the nugets again. I re-submitted it about ten times and it still came back with that error.

Then I thought, visual studio uploaded the first version fine, so what about the second? I fiddled about with my profiles and certificates and what do you know? Version two uploaded fine. It is now available on the store. This means there is something about my project that causes the AppCentre to build it differently to visual studio.

Where do you start? I guess it must be something in the project file or the references that is causing the issue. I tried googling it and making changes like this but to no avail. I think my only option is to rebuild the iOS project file again from scratch, comparing it with projects I know that do work.