For a while now I have been dabbling in #CryptoArt. Late 2019, after seeing a post on BitcoinTalk, I started minting on (or Blockchain Art Exchange as it was known back then). Back before it was fashionable.

It was mainly street art inspired crypto pieces.

Then came a twenty six item series based on a abstract take on the alphabet. Below is the word “bitcoin”. These were brought by a group for use in upcoming exhibition, somewhere in the Metaverse.

I have been lucky enough to exhibit in a couple of shows organised by myBAE. One in London at the Bloomsbury Gallery in Feb 2020.

and one called CrypTOKYO in (unsuprisingly) Tokyo in 2021.

My work can mainly be found on OpenSea or Rarible these days.

I have also created a website called the This is designed as a place to show curated exhibitions of CryptoArt, outside the walled gallery structures that have already appeared.