Hello world!

Another year, another web site. As I am, doing different stuff these days, I though it might be a good excuse to do a proper site. So, a bog standard wordpress site written using the 2020 theme and the Blocks editor. Not going to do that again in a hurry.

The layout looks ok, it is responsive and I didn’t have to touch any PHP or .ini files. I almost used a theme I had brought called Ark but the install didn’t seem to work and I couldn’t be bothered to debug it.

Blocks is just about usable. The fact you can’t actually see where the blocks are makes editing a bit tricky. A simple outline in the editor would have made it easier to see what was what.

I am also taking this opportunity to sort my photos out. I am uploading the pics of my art to the site and putting them in a gallery. The best of my general photos are being uploaded to 500px where, you never know, someone may pay to use them.