Renaming an App

Earlier this week I decided to rename one of my apps. OpenSeaGallery was a good name to start with but it seemed to be giving people the impression it was an official app for OpenSea. It got a few bad review on android for things that were nothing to do with the app. Thing is, once an app has been around for a while there are references and links to it everywhere. So in this post I will look at the places you need to change the apps name.


This is the easy one. For android you just change one of the attributes in the MainActivity and for iOS you change a couple of strings in the info.plist. all you are doing ischanging the string that appears under the icon on the phones home screen.

You should also change any references to web pages and social media accounts that use the old name.


Of course you will first have checked that there are no opther apps with the name you want to use in either store. For iOS you simply create a new version of your app and change the name in the “App Information” tab. For android you gointo the Google Play Console and change the name in the “Main store listing” tab of the “Store Presence” section. This will take immediate effect. You don’t even have to add a release.


My website is a bog standard wordpress website. Each of my apps has a separate page based on the name of the app. Obviously that had to be renamed and updated to reflect the new app name. Now this leaves the matter of any other p[ages on the internet that link to that page. In the end I installed a redirection plug in and set up a redirect from the old page name to the new one.


My apps also have Facebook pages that needed renaming. That was fairly simple.